CRI Data science club

Activity report 2016-2017

CRI Data Science Club executive summary

Data Science club at the CRI is a structure to create a network interested in Data Science, Machine Learning, Analytics and Big Data at the CRI and open for the students from the CRI and outside. Main mission of the club is to extend and to practice data science skills as well as practical knowledge about the profession of data scientist, with a special attention to roles outside of academia.

The club born in September 2017 initially gathered 10 students from Licence, Master, PhD and from outside the CRI. During 2017-2018 club organized one weekend heckaton, and three seminars that gathered in total more than 100 people with more than 6000 event page views.

Besides events Data Science club is a platform for sharing resources and information exchange. It also allows active members participation in Data Science related conferences and seminars.

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Why Data Science

Data Science

Interdisciplinarity and Data Science

Job market in Data Science

CRI Data Science Club activity 2016-2017

Club meetings & events

Topics and content
EduData Heckathon

First event organized by Data Science Club was a Edu Data Heckathon that took place 27-29 January 2017 at Montparnasse tower.

Inspired by publication of PISA results in December 2017. PISA is an international test of the grade levels of 15-year- olds in OECD countries. The goal of the heckathon was to get a closer look to published data.

This Hackathon had 3 main objectives:


The heckathon gathered over 20 people including ED FdV students, CRI licence and master with a special interest from EdTech Master as well as CRI staff and students from outside the CRI.

During the heckathon diverse data analysis techniques were presented to citizens (among which EdTech master students). Organizers showed and analyzed OECD, PISA and EtaLab data, understood and discussed its limits with students, teachers and François Taddei.

More detailed results can be found in Annexe1: Synthesis of the EduData Hackathon.

Coordinator of the heckathon: Iryna Nikolayeva

From Science to Data Science seminars

In an ordinary life of a PhD candidate working in a research lab, we have little chance to meet companies and industry partners. Especially in a light of big data revolution analytical skills of PhDs are very precious and open many doors of possible career. In order to encourage exchange between research students/PhD and data science Data Science Club launched a series of seminars From Science to Data Science.


For three events we hosted 7 invited speakers working in companies such as Orange, Criteo, Quantmetry, Kernix, Quinten, Pivigo, start-ups that previously made a PhD in one of STEM disciplines or Linguistics. Invited speakers talked about their previous and actual work, transition form academia to industry, similarities and differences. Always accompanied with informal networking time around snacks.

With >4000 event page views, >200 participants subscribed and >70 attending seminars, we are happy with high interest in the seminars.

Seminars turned out to be great opportunity to discuss about data science, ethics of data, working in company, summary of teaching resources and compendium of data science skills. It also helps students to build their professional network.

More details about the seminars: From Science to Data Science seminars website

Coordinator of the seminars: Urszula Czerwinska

Participation in conferences

Data Science Club representatives (Urszula Czerwinska & Liliana Baquero) participated in PyParis 2017. Talks from the conference can be seen on YouTube. The main highlight from the event were collaborative projects in Data Science and using python to teach kids how to code. A blog post about the event is under preparation.

Club organization & management

General organisation

In the beginning club had weekly meetings, that due to schedule incompatibility were moved online to slack group Then around specific events working groups were formed and additional meetings were scheduled.

Internal communication channels

Official main internal communication tool of Data Science Club is

External communication channels

Club announces events on CRI platform attendize, reports events on the From Science to Data Science seminars website, through CRI moodle. In addition seminar uses #FStoDS hashtag on Twitter, and is advertised by club members and supporters on LinkedIn. Club also usually prepares little posters that are set up in the CRI locals.

Financial report summary

EduData Heckathon

~100€= 61,85€+ ~40€

From Science to Data Sience seminars

1) founded from FdV budget

2) founded from FdV budget

3) 400+130+130 = 660

Partners & Acknowledgements

CRI Data Science Club received important support from the CRI and external partners.

For the EduData Heckathon we would like to thank for a special support François Taddei for his ideas and personal input into the project.

For From Science to Data Science Seminars we would like to thank

Special acknowledgement to ED FdV coordinator Maria Molina Calavita, CRI Managing Director Isabelle Hilali, project maanger at RCA Factory Quentin Roset and CEO of RCA factory David Réguer, ED FdV director François Taddei.

Future of Data Science Club


Possible events

Budget plan

Conclusions & Recommendations